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06 May 2021



If you’re considering being an escort at Manchester Airport there are a few things to think about.

Firstly, have you done your research? Do you know what being a Manchester escort entails? It’s important that you read up on this prior to applying to become an escort in Manchester, otherwise both you and the agency may be wasting your time.

What are your reasons for wanting to become an escort? Do you need to clear debts? Earn a better wage than you’re currently on? Need to provide for your children? Every escort has different reasons for wanting to apply to be an escort and most of them are financial. Unfortunately, however there are some unpleasant people out there who know that you’re in economic need and they’ll try and exploit that for their own advantage. So with so many potential ‘agencies’ out there intending to rip you off, how do you know which agency to sign up with?


Don’t ever be conned into paying a joining fee or signing up fee with an agency. Disreputable escort agencies will promise you the world to get you to hand over your money upfront, but you should never part with cash before you start working. Some reputable escort agencies charge a portfolio fee which covers the cost of your professional photographs, but this fee should go straight to the photographer rather than the agency.

Likewise, you shouldn’t have to pay money to ‘boost’ or maximise your profile as the cost of advertising you on the agency website and elsewhere should be covered by the commission you pay from your bookings.

A reputable agency only starts making money when you do in the form of commission from each booking you take, so if you’re asked or enticed to pay money upfront that isn’t for your photos, then you’re being scammed.


We are approached constantly by straight men who are looking for an ‘easy living’ by working as male escorts offering companionship to unfulfilled housewives. Let us put you straight – this is very much a male fantasy and there is little or no market for straight male escorts. However, if you are dead set on being a male escort, be aware that this makes you an easy target for scammers who will charge you a fee to advertise you. Trust us when we tell you that you won’t get work and the only unfulfilled person in this arrangement will be you!


Search for an escort agency in Manchester that has a big presence online and, where appropriate, in print. Reputable agencies have the funds to be able to spend money on making their websites prominent, which in turn means that their escorts will get regular work.

Agencies using real photos rather than ‘stock’ or model photos are also a good sign. Escort agencies should edit their photos to ensure that any identifying marks are removed, but the general rule of thumb is that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The agency should also feature escorts of various ages, ethnicities, and sizes too – the more diversity the better!

A trustworthy agency will invite you to attend an interview so that they can get a good idea of your personality and looks and establish whether you’ll be a good fit for their clientele. You’ll also be asked to provide age and address ID. Don’t be put off by having to visit the agency or give your personal details – this is also your chance to make sure you’re comfortable with the company advertising you and it should be reassuring that the company is professional enough to want to know who they’re working with!


Firstly, don’t lie! Shaving a few years off your age or a few pounds off your dress size might seem like a good way of getting your foot through the door, but any decent escort agency will want to meet you and verify who you are before offering you work, so there’s no point in telling fibs. A good escort agency will be able to cater to a range of tastes when it comes to age, size, ethnicity, etc, so the best thing you can be is honest. If your figure is in proportion, you’re confident and sexy, you’ll get work.

Send good quality, RECENT photos! Your application photos don’t have to be professional, but they should be clear and should include at least one photo of your face. Photos that are 10 years old, filtered/ photoshopped, or heavily edited will likely result in your application being rejected.


Apply for escort jobs in Manchester once you’re confident that you know what the job involves and you’re comfortable providing companionship to gentlemen of varying ages and backgrounds.

Being an escort in Manchester requires a good, tidy appearance and a high standard of self-maintenance as well as confidence, flexibility, and common sense.

While the best Manchester escort agencies will accept applications from escorts who are eligible to work in the UK, conversational English is a must.

A good, reputable escort agency will only take on escorts aged 18 and over.

Apply to become an escort in Manchester now. Click our ‘Join Us’ page and complete your details, adding recent, clear photographs. If your application is successful one of our Introduction Team will be in touch to arrange an escort interview.

Free photoshoots and immediate starts are available for escorts who can attend interviews at short notice.

Good luck!

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