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05 Apr 2018

Millstone at Mellor

Millstone at Mellor

This award-winning hotel, Millstone at Mellor, offers you the perfect comfort of staying at a hotel. Redefining comfort, the hotel offers you an amazing feel and makes sure that your stay here is nothing short of luxurious. With spacious rooms, large windows with a view, and impressive amenities, the hotel’s rooms are simply amazing. Well-furnished and the laid-out design makes you feel at ease and gives you a homey feeling. Apart from this, the restaurant in the hotel is one of the best you will ever find.

Mellor- hotel restaurant

The hotel restaurant has won many awards for its utmost quality and splendid taste. When it comes to dining in the best possible manner, this is the place you need to be. With a wide selection of various kinds of foods, this restaurant makes sure that your insatiable food lust is well satiated. Book your rooms in advance to have a pleasant stay here.

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