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25 Feb 2019

Safety tips for being an

Safety tips for being an owner of escort agency

Looking to have your own escort agency in Manchester? This is a great idea as the escort business is a very lucrative business and the industry is continuously thriving. However, you need to keep certain things in mind while running this business. Escort is a business completely legal, but like every other profession, there are certain points to be aware of. It is particularly true if you are new to this business and know very little about the processes. But people and their some safety issues related to this industry that you need to consider while running an escort agency in Manchester.  Let us discuss some important issues regarding the escort business in Manchester.

It is a full-time Endeavor

In recent times it has become much easier to start your escort agency. But it still has many challenges. You must take it as a full time profession and you cannot grow and run this business part time without giving much time to it. Many people consider escort business being similar to prostitution and look down on the industry. But in case you have a clear Idea and consciousness about this business and understand that you’re not doing anything wrong, then starting an escort business is of course a nice idea. Being aware of the pros and cons and the ways to run the business if you actually starting it will place you in a comfortable position in the long run.

Starting an escort business: Are you the right person

Starting an escort business

Of course, everybody can do an escort business, at least technically. In fact, due to the lucrative nature of this industry a number of people every year try to establish their own escort agency. We will find most of these people being ex escorts having a good understanding of this business and thus can easily become successful.

How to be a successful escort agency

You need to have some clear ideas about certain things to be successful as an escort agency owner. These are as follows:

  • Knowing exactly the role of a good escort
  • How to be an ideal escort
  • Then know-how of an escort agency and how to run it
  • The different natures of the clients and their needs
  • What the clients actually want from an escort
  • How to handle different customers and manage difficult clients
  • What are the challenges that may be associated with clients of different backgrounds, countries, and needs
  • How to groom new escorts
  • How to support and protect your escorts from difficult clients

In short, either you personally need to have good prior experience in escort business or you must have some partner or friends having the required experience. Don’t get disheartened if you are not from an escort agency as many people have done well in this industry with no prior experience.

Some of the safety tips associated with escort business in Manchester

Safety tips foe escort agency owner in Manchester

Avoid mentioning sexual activities: Do not get into conversation related to providing sexual service to the customer. Escort service is about companionship and time. Your client will book the escort girl for that only. Whether he will indulge in sexual activity with the escort girl is their choice. As an agency, you are not promoting sex and your website should clearly mention this. There is no need to mention everything in detail and just direct the visitor to the profile page of the escort girl.

Screen and verify identity of the clients: This is an important step. You must properly verify the identity of the client as well as the escort girls working with you. Try to know as much as possible about the potential customer. You have to be completely professional regarding this and only send them to your escort only when you are totally satisfied. This will also earn you respect from your escort girls as well as the clients (they will consider the agency as a highly professional one).

Never arrange a driver and other arrangements for outcall services: It is of great importance to protecting your own escorts from all the possible troubles. Apart from screening and verifying the customers, you should tell her to arrange drive-out for outcall services. But never book a driver for her as it will look you are arranging prostitution and may end up in a lawsuit.

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